Road Trips, Vintage Edition: Ditch The GPS

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With Spring Break right around the corner, college students everywhere are getting keyed up to fly to Mexico for some sun, go home for break, or take a road trip with some friends. In the midst of all the excitement and hullabaloo, let me just make a suggestion: try a vintage style road trip and ditch the gps.

Now, you’re probably thinking: “Haven’t you ever seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre? The last thing anybody on a road trip wants to do is get lost and wind up in some backwoodsy podunk town.” Let’s take a look into the past at what a road trip originally meant:

1. Time with family

2. Surprise adventures

3. Discovering new places

4. No rush, no hurry, no worry

Back in the 1950s cars were finally beginning to be the main mode of transportation, and with the paving of cross-country highways and interstates, people began to travel further and further from their homes. Imagine never having been more than 100 miles of so from your home town. Now, its summer time and your family is going on a road trip. At this point in time, the journey is all about exploring your great country, and less about getting to a specific place by a certain time.

I propose taking a 50s-style road trip. Ditch the gps; use a road map. Why not just say “let’s head out west”, and then go with no specific goal other than to explore what is to the west of you? If you’re really worried that you’re going to get lost and not make it back in time for classes, be sure to bring along a friend with GPS on their phone. I won’t tell.

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